Jeff Lionheart released his debut album, "Music or Death" featuring a Top 10 single "Winter Morning" which climbed to #2 on the Indie Charts and Hit #3 on the New Music Weekly Top 40 Chart, along with "Rain" hitting the Top 30.

    Jeff Lionheart's music is not about money or popularity contests. For him, it's an all-consuming passion echoing in the soul of an artist possessed by true beauty.

    Since the age of 4, Jeff has considered music his oxygen, religion and defining existence. His musical endeavors have transcended from having no musical training to writing, composing, producing and performing a forty part classical orchestration with the Grammy nominated Grand Rapid Symphony of Michigan.

    His musical creations have unusual time accents, syncopated arrangements, and dramatic structure, laying the foundation for catchy chorus harmonies that keep running through your mind. The lyrics are honest and vulnerable, and his four octave vocal range reveals dramatic, sensual, and emotional melodies of unfulfillable longing.

    Jeff is originally a native from the State of Michigan. As a uniquely inspired and dedicated musician, chef and author, he is a true artist with a collaborative of talents poised with an insightful philosophical perspective which has influenced his musical expression, style of gourmet cooking and presentation, and diverse literary flare which eloquently uncovers insight into his personal experiences.

    Traveling abroad, Jeff attended the prestigious Cambridge University in England where his passion for history was paramount in firmly establishing his never give up attitude. Jeff has been inspired by a broad spectrum of famous and influential figures but none, perhaps, as significant than this epic mantra, "Never, never, never give-up" - Winston Churchill